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The group ..
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Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 10 ?!

The last day whay :) It's been great it really has but I can't wait to get the 15 hours sleep i usually get in the holidays XD jk. Just the finishing touches today and then we get to relax. That is after the EVALUATION :O not as bad it sounds I hope :) I now end the two weeks with the one true statement of life. HERE'S TO CREATIVITYAND>>>>>>>>>>>>NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF CAP LOCK XD.

Day 9 ?!

Tis Thursday and tis the day to do as much as possible on the project so we can relax tomorrow. So onto the web (audio network) to select a mighty fine track to accompany my vid. Audio network is the place and after Vicky kindly bought it I began to put the two together. An aery, unsettling atmosphere was after and I think it's what I got! :D. After this, back to writing up my arts. (the pic is me at Bank Street Arts BTW. Painting a toilet!)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Arts Award Part D

City of Ratz Project:

I chose to do a short video project as it would not only be a challenge as I didn't know much about shooting film or editing it, but also because it was something I have always wanted to have a go at. I remember when I was young watching animal documentaries and thinking 'I could do that'. But I was always interested in filming people rather than animals but in the style they film animals. You known in secret so they would behave naturally. I then took the idea that the animals were filming humans. This eventually led to the "City of Ratz" video I made for my final big project. I involved other people not only by filming them and practicing on them with staged walking sequences but I asked others opinions on how to edit the footage e.g. what music or shots to choose.

When I first took the camera out and filmed staged walking I discovered I did not need a tripod to hold the camera as it would then be too high a shot. Instead I laid the camera on the floor to give the impression of a rat looking up at people. I also learned that to capture people walking in the street naturally I would have to hide myself as the people would be weary of the camera and therefore behaviour differently and not relaxed. So any bushes and high bins that could be hid under, I did hide under. The things I do for art :D. So many grazes and ant bites were collected, my arms were red raw.

I think my film shooting was a success as I achieved the goals that I set out for and managed to get it edited without major problems. I am pleased with the outcome and would be encouraged to do it again or something similar because of the success of this project. Also Vicky was very pleased with my work and my attitude towards my work. She was also pleased with my writing abilities and generally how I had conducted myself on work experience. Below is my short video project.

City of Ratz Project:

Day 6 ?!

Monday, monday, monday. Not as excited or anxious as the first but neither the less bursting with ideas once more. The first day of filming as well. I took my camera out in order to film 'feet'. However, the plan has changed. I was filming Bethan and Harriet when it hit me. No one wants to see people walking under instruction, they want to see in their natural environment just like on animal documentaries. So i took it upon myself to hide me with the camera and catch the unsuspecting people in their comfort zones. Under bins and in bushes. The things I do for art XD.

Day 8 ?!

Wednesday and we're being kicked from the studio. So, we get a good 40 minutes on our own in town to collect images to enter into the 'Hidden Sheffield' competition that Vicky’s given us as a theme to focus on. The winner of which will be chosen on Thursday. We then meet up with Vicky who takes us to Bank Street Art a cubby hole of amazement and discovery as we meet Susanna Gent an artist experimenting with taxidermy. A 'unique' experience to say the least. We were also enlisted into doing maintenance jobs at Bank Street. Vicky explained that jobs in the arts are varied and everyone has to muck in and learn new jobs loads of different areas. Because I seemed to be enjoying myself cleaning and organising cabinets selling artwork, they also drafted me in to painting a gallery toilet. An unusual task as I was painting over white with white :S.

Bank Street seems so amazing to me as all the studios are close together and there are many more than you would expect of a building that size. Also one of the manager s of Bank Street gave us an intro to the gallery and told us about the vast range of artists and talents they had. It sounded like a real community. Even though its a rather tight crowded building it seems warm and friendly with a great positive vibe. There’s a lovely central courtyard area that gives it a bright communal heart. There are even showers for those artists that wish to work over night on their art. Whatta place!

Day 7 ?!

Tuesday, with my filming complete it was time to edit the footage together. The majority of the day was spent editing and re-editing until I was happy with the out come. Also today Richard Bolam came in to help Jesse set up a time lapse. I was invited in to the session because I was ahead of schedule and because I'm focused on film. We were given a walk through the 'hacked' domestic cameras he was using. He had altered the software in the camera so that under a certain setting it would take a picture every 2 seconds. We then left the cameras for a good 2 hours to collect hundreds of separate photos that jessy would edit together into a time laspe film.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Arts Award Part C

Part C : Exploring an artist or person who works in the arts

For this task I interviewed Rob Speranza (part of the South Yorkshire Film makers Network.) who I chose after he came in to talk about his career and work because he was full of energy and very positive. Also because I was interested in do a short film for my main project I though he would be able to give me the inspiration I needed and possibly some advice. Which he did. He enlightened me to the job of producer and what goes into making a short film. He also told me how I could take my films to become a known film maker if was prepared to except the responsibilities. I enjoyed coming up with questions after listening to him talk and thinking about what would be really useful to me for my film and for thinking about a possible future in film.

Check out my interview here: